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5th Mplus Users Meeting

The Fifth Dutch Mplus Users Meeting – @ Utrecht University, The Netherlands – took place at the 25th of March 2013. See below for all abstract and presentations.

SURPRISE: new features Mplus v7.1 –  PPT

Christian Geiser (Utah State University) – Latent state-trait vs. growth models using MPLUS. Summary – PPT. Additional information can be found in Bishop, Geiser, & Cole (2013). Modeling growth with multiple indicators: A comparison of three approaches. PDF INPUT

Anouck Kluytmans (Utrecht University) –
 Approximate measurement invariance. PPT

Kathryn Masyn (Harvard University) – The present and future of event history models in mplus – Summary – PPT

Meike Slagt (Utrecht University) – Narcissism, self-esteem, and peer popularity in the transition to secondary education – Summary – PPT

Maryam Safarkhani (Utrecht University) –  Increasing power with a covariate adjustment strategy for RCT data. – Summary  PPT

Arielle Bonneville-Roussy (University of Cambridge) – Detecting Age Variations in Music Taste using MIMIC and ESEM Models – Summary – PPT

George Chryssochoidis (University of East Anglia) – Classical and Bayesian approaches to combining discrete choice experiments with survey – Summary PPT

Matthias Reitzle (University of Jena) – Some considerations before you get seduces by the method – Summary – PPT

Lei Zhu (UMC Groningen) – Identification of trajectories of personal control in cancer patients and their association with the course of psychological symptoms – Summary PPT

Lars Tummers (Erasmus University Rotterdam) – Bayesian analysis of the willingness of psychologists and psychiatrists to implement diagnosis related groups – Summary – PPT

Alan R. Johnson (EM-Lyon Business School) – Longitudinal multilevel analysis of debate and performance in student teams – Summary – PPT 

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