Dutch Mplus Users Group

Past events

1st Mplus Users Meeting: Exploring the boundaries of Mplus

On October the 27th 2010 (9.00 a.m.- 4.30 p.m.) the first meeting of the ‘Dutch Mplus user’s group: Exploring the boundaries of Mplus’ took place at Utrecht University.

For a list of participants, click here.

The following presentations were given (including a link the the powerpoint presentations):



  •  Short problem presentations (10 min.)
    • Didi Rhebergen (seeking convergence I)
    • Thomas Scotto (seeking convergence II)
    • Thessa Wong (missing data in recall events) (ppt)
  •  (New) features in MPLUS 
    • Peter Lugtig– ESEM: apart from confirmatory analyses, Mplus features the possibility to do Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling. The possibilities and benefits are illustrated with factor analysis models.(ppt)
    • Maartje van Stralen – How to conduct mediation analyses in Mplus using the MODEL INDIRECT command
    • Rens van de Schoot – How to deal with inequality constraints between regression coefficients in Mplus (MODEL CONSTRAINT) using the parametric bootstrap procedure (MONTECARLO). (ppt)
  •  Modeling issues in Mplus
    • Daniel Oberski (Detection of misspecifications in Mplus by using modification indices, expected parameter change and the power of the test for stepwise improvement of the model)
    • Yves Rosseel (MLR-MLM estimators) (20 min.)
    • Margot Peeters (giving a metric to a latent variable