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8th Mplus Users Meeting 

Pre-conference workshop by:

IMG_0985 Bengt Muthén, Tihomir Asparouhov and Ellen Hamaker on ‘Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling (DSEM)’.

Confirmed speakers for the 8th Mplus Users Meeting:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ellen hamaker Ellen Hamaker on ‘How to study processes as they unfold over time: A brief history and a glimpse of the future’. Abstract
Bengt Muthén on ‘Choosing directions for Mplus: From SEM to DSEM’. Abstract
Thiomir Asparouhov Tihomir Asparouhov on ‘DSEM in a nutshell’. Abstract
Loes Keijsers Loes Keijsers on ‘Multilevel modeling with daily diaries and Experience Sampling Data. Towards understanding heterogeneity in developmental processes’. Abstract
Afbeelding Noémi Schuurman on ‘Standardized coefficients in multilevel DSEM’. Abstract
Herbert Hoijtink on ‘Bayesian Evaluation of Informative Hypotheses Illustrated with an Application to Dynamical Modelling’. Abstract
Mårten Schultzberg on ‘Number of Subjects and Time Points Needed for Multilevel Time Series Analysis: A Monte Carlo Study of DSEM in Mplus Version 8’. Abstract
Evelien Snippe on ‘Designing a study with intensive longitudinal assessments’. Abstract
Peter Koval on ‘Capturing the dynamics of emotion regulation in daily life’. Abstract
Laura Bringmann on ‘Modeling change in psychopathological networks with DSEM’. Abstract


Jean-Philippe Laurenceau on ‘Multilevel DSEM of Dyadic Data: Challenges and Opportunities’. Abstract