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Workshop New Features of Mplus v7

New Features of Mplus version 7 – @Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Below you can watch the lectures given by Bengt Muthén and Tihomir Asparouhov given between 27th and 29th of August 2012 as part of our three week Mplus summer school event. Click on the lecture name to open the video and enjoy!

Day 1 – 27th of Aug 2012 (click here for the slides)

Welcome by Rens van de SchootVIDEO





New Features in Mplus v7 lecture 1 – VIDEO

Surprise session: graphical interface; Hardware requirements; Computational time; Overview of the new features in V7; moderated mediation using the LOOP statement; the new DO option; the BY statement with random loadings; overview of Bayesian methods. Unfortunately there appeared to be a malfunctioning of the laptop screen and we don’t have the lecture slides in this video. For a demonstration of the new Diagrammer, see video 7

New Features in Mplus v7 lecture 2 – VIDEO

Bayesian EFA; Bayesian factor score handling; convergence issues and the new Kolmogorov-Smirnov Convergence Test; Advances in factor analysis: Bi-factor modeling using EFA, ESEM and BSEM; Two-Tier modeling (part I);


New Features in Mplus v7 lecture 3 – VIDEO

 Two-Tier modeling (part II); New multiple‐group features: fixed (multi-group BSEM) versus random groups; the new COV, DIFF, DO DIFF and MODEL=ALLFREE options; Auto labeling.


Day 2 – 28th of Aug 2012 (click here for the slides)

New Features in Mplus v7 lecture 4 –  VIDEO

The unique IRT strength of Mplus V7: random loadings; testing for non-zero variance using Bayes Factors (new: TECH16); Auxiliary Variables In Mixture Modeling: the new Three Step Approach (based on Vermunt, 2010).


New Features in Mplus v7 lecture 4B – VIDEO

Two-Level Random Loadings: Individual Differences Factor Analysis



New Features in Mplus v7 lecture 5 – VIDEO

Auxiliary Variables In Mixture Modeling continued; Advances in Latent Transition Analysis: output with conditional class probabilities (new: TECH15), LTA transition probability calculator, Probability parameterization to simplify input for Mover-Stayer LTA; Exploratory LCA Using Bayesian Analysis.


New Features in Mplus v7 lecture 6 VIDEO

(Bayesian) 3‐level analysis: SEM, MIMI, latent growth,; Cross-Classified Analysis.



Day 3 – 29th of Aug 2012 (click here for the slides)

New Features in Mplus v7 lecture 7 – VIDEO 

Demonstration of the new Diagrammer option; Cross-Classified Analysis  continued; 2-mode path analysis; Cross-classified SEM; Random item IRT